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call me Fishie
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Commission Fishie

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 2, 2014, 10:51 AM
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About Fishies Commissions
this is the list of artwork options fishie has available for commissioning. Please be sure that they are OPEN for ordering before placing an order and understand the payment plans/methods/etc. for the type of artwork you want. Fishie will redo a drawing/sketch only THREE times. Photomanipulations will not be fully re-done but corrections to the character will be made. Digital Paintings will not be re-done but corrections for markings/etc. on character will be made.


NOTE ME - do NOT comment for a commission; it will be turned down.
Name: of character
Gender: of character
Breed / Body Type: of character
Color: color of body & mane/tail
Hair style: desired length, curls or straight, is it decorated?
Scars: any possible scars
Markings: or a marking map

FULL BODY REFERENCE: at least one side of the body needs to be drawn completely with a reference. This is so I can see EXACTLY what you want drawn/maniped/etc. I will NOT accept other peoples ARTWORK as a reference. If it has specialized lighting, shading, highlights, etc. it will NOT be accepted as a reference. ( examples of what I mean are one, two, three, four )

Photomanipulations - Open 3 slots

Photomanipulations require the blending of multiple ( typically 3 or more ) images together mixed with fishies special brand of paint-overs. This means that a lot of details are very special in photomanipulations and all manips are unique to the character(s) ordered.

Available photomanipulation types are 'single subject' and 'multiple subject' options. Single Subject manips have only one character ( and may allow a companion creature ) on any background. Complexity of request and character can and will affect the price! Multiple Subject manips are those manips with two or more characters ( and do include companions. ) Again, price will be affected by complexity of the image desired.

Digital Paintings // Portraits - open 1 slot

Digital paintings are fully painted/drawn digital images with details. They range from fantasy to semi-realistic to full realism. Current Horses, Dogs and People are the only thing fishie offers for REALISM however semi-realism and fantasy can be any subject.

Sketches // Doodles // Drawings - Open

Sketches // Doodles // Drawings include portraits, full bodies, quick flats, etc. Generally these are quick 5-30 minute drawings. They're unrefined and consist of flat colors only. Shading and linearts will double the price ( as they more than double the time spent on the images ).

FULL REFERENCES are required for ALL characters you request in this style.

You MUST understand; these are QUICK images. They're not 'finished works of art'. They're SKETCHES with color, that's it.

Drawings - depending on what style you're wanting - will look like these
Preview by manicmondays blondey by manicmondays Tainted Style Test by manicmondays Caeluan | stag | prince by manicmondays Chewy at the Beach by manicmondays TWW Banjo Tracker by manicmondays
Sketches - head/bust and full body are like these
Venom by manicmondays Stargazer Header by manicmondays paris Sketch by manicmondays
doodles. . . by manicmondays better yours than mine by manicmondays The Ultimate Sidetrack by manicmondays hobbles by manicmondays

Commission Prices
Prices are subject to change and can, and will, be altered depending upon the complexity of the order. If a character has too many accessories or is too complex the price will reflect this.


  • Single Subject w/o companion ( $10 / 1000 :points: )
  • Single Subject w/ companion ( $15 / 1500 :points: )
  • Multi Subject w/o companion ( $20 / 2000 :points: )
  • Multi Subject w/ companion ( $25 / 2500 :points: )
  • + companion - for extra companions ( $5 / 500 :points: each )
  • + simple subject - for extra subjects, simple ( $5 / 500 :points: each )
  • + complex subject - for extra subjects, complex ( $10 / 1000 :points: each )

Digital Paintings

  • Portrait // Bust ( $15 / 1500 :points: )
  • Full Body // simple bg ( $25 / 2500 :points: )
  • Full Body // complex bg ( $30 / 3000 :points: )
  • + subject - additional subjects ( $10 / 1000 :points: each )

Sketches // Drawings // Doodles

  • Sketch Portrait ( $3 / 300 :points: )
  • Sketch Body ( $5 / 500 :points: )
  • Drawings // Doodles ( $5 / 500 :points: )
  • + Lineart / Shading ( $3 / 300 :points: $3 / 300 :points:

Commission To-Do List

To-Do List

Commissioner - Type - Un/Paid - Status
  1. horsehhuggr  - Simple Manip - paid - completed (details)
  2. Cantatus-Promise - Simple Manip - unpaid - unstarted ( details )
  3. Commissioner - Type - unpaid - status ( details )
Digital Painting
  • Commissioner - Type - unpaid - status ( details )
Sketches // Drawings // Doodles
  • semperfiesty  - Drawing - paid - COMPLETED
  • AutumnCreekFarms - Drawing + Shading - paid - COMPLETED
  • Commissioner - Type - unpaid - status ( details )

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I love your gift commission idea :heart: That's such an awesome idea, it will help the group out a lot! I would make a journal about it, so anyone not watching you in the group knows what's going on too ^^ 

How many gifts can we commission per person??
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probably but if you are ordering fawns you can list the all in one order because they'll be for the old fashioned points way lol
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