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horse injury :/

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2014, 6:14 PM
:new: UPDATE! :new:
because we all know how fishie is about updates and forgetting to give them to ya'll @_@ 
- Doug and I kept missin' each other and it never occurred to either of us that TEXTING WORKS TOO MAN! Nope, has to be a phone call D8 so I found out the first few days she was on Bute to help with the swellin' and pain an all that but she's been fine since. No permanent damage, it looks like, because the dumbass is running around the pasture kicking her heels and playing D< Like DAMMIT CHEWY YOU'RE HURT LET ME FREAK OUT A BIT LONGER BEFORE YOU GO "I'M OKAY! SEE! IT WAS A JOKE!" D<

anyway; Farrier came out and did her hooves and once again Chewy has reversed her training for getting her legs handled since the injury ( it seems every time her leg gets caught in something she back-tracks -.- ) so they left her back legs alone but the farrier checked her over since her hooves were in good shape ( heh, my horse only gets trimmed half as often as the others heheheheh awesome hooves ) but wanted to go ahead and look at her leg just in case and he said he doesn't think she's going to go lame or anything and that she probably just bruised it instead of pulling anything

SO THE 1200 ROLLY POLLY IS OKAY :faint: She's going fine and just enjoying herself. No limping, or favoring her leg or anything and she's probably stressing it WAY more than I would have with handling her so yeah xD she's gonna be fine.

For those who don't know I'm out of town right now and I just got distressing news today. My mare got her leg tangled in the cables of her pasture fence sometime this afternoon. The last time she got tangled in something she panicked and couldn't be approached by anyone for hours. This time she just stood there. I dunno how bad it is though she is walking on her own, no prompts needed, and isn't flinching when she's touched so either she doesn't feel it ( which would be bad ) or she isn't seriously injured. She did not break a bone that my barn manager can tell, no skin was broken or rubbed raw, he thinks she just bruised it or over extended something.

To be honest I am amazed she didnt sever her leg because she usually does panic when her leg gets tangled. Nothing else really makes her forget how to stand still and trust you to help her and the only thing we can think of for how it happened is she got in a fight through the fence. Its amazing she didnt do worse to herself but I'm still worried. I want to hear back to know if I need to cut early and get there in case he needs to take her to the vet. I know for a fact she won't load in a trailer, injured, without me. At the same time I don't want to hear back because he said he would only call back -tonight- if she got worse.

Last i heard she was swollen and hot but walking and standing fine and even nipping with the rest of her buddies ( who stayed by her while she was caught) we think her leg fell asleep while she was tangled up but there's really no telling and they gave her something for the pain. My problem is I don't want her standing immobile all night because its cold outside and if she stands still she will definitely stiffen up ;-; I'm fucking worried about her. Ive never been the type to lock my horse away because I am afraid of injuries but dammit she manages to get hurt a lot, and not small injuries either D< i am sorely tempted to move her to a smaller pasture away from the trouble making horses and they arent even out there every day.

I dunno i guess I just wanted/needed to rant but I also want advice. They brought the swelling down and the only vet nearby is crazy expensive so he is holding off on calling them in case she doesn't need to be seen but I want advice anyway. I fully trust him on his judgement and how he explained everything. He wouldn't play it down ( hell he called three times, an hour apart, to update me on her progress and said he would call the vet before me if he thought she needed it ) but still. Even if she doesnt need the vet i have no idea how to work her back into shape after healing from this and I know she will need workin up. No way in hell would I saddle her until shes brought back up but yeah :/ seriously no idea what to do.

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