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Nazam deals with the people like so
"I am king. I say jump you jump. You didn't jump? Here I'll show you how -shoves boiling water up your ass- There now, you Jumped."


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community roleplay and character development

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 12:29 AM
  • Listening to: Pandora - Apocalyptica Radio
  • Reading: elfhome- wen spencer


    A community rp is any large scale rp where many, many people come together. Some may interract in small groups, others in large, but they are all tied together by one glue. The RP Universe. This can be anything. Like those i am on, Wild Equines or Run Like The Wind or Cimoron Island, or... Yes The Western Isles. These are all community roleplays. Why? Because they are single-world roleplays set up to accomadate large groups of people and characters. They work by a delicate network of balance between Admins and Members. In some C.R.P.'s there are special positions- Wild Equines ( WE ) for example has a theme of Light vs. Dark. In this theme they have Light, Neutral, Dark and Unallianced characters. Light, Nuetral and Dark alliances have superior rulers- Their king and queen. Unalliance can go anywhere. Furthere they have Afterlife with Hell and Utopia led by the Lords and Ladies of each. Then there is the Light Ultimatum, the Versai sisterhood and their dark counterpart the Helkaer brotherhood each with 7 main positions. Last there is the neutral version, the Vigilum possessed of 5 leaders. Further there are 7 steps to Utopia and Hell each with its own ruler and last there are 6 herds in each alliance with herd leaders. The 'special' positions on WE are called 'canon positions' with activity stipulations and requirements. In total there are 29 canon roles on WE. The majority of these roles are filled by MEMBERS, not staff. Along with these 29 there are 24 herd leaders ( on WE the land claimer is the only one counted ) which brings us to 53 total special positions where there are characters and roleplayers that define rules, dictate laws and uphold wars, treaties and thefts. Plots are unending in changes and disruptions and the rp is 8 years old or so. Its still going strong. Why? Because staff step on few toes, embers agree to be flexible and characters develope through the role plays. The community agrees to be a community and accept that not everything is under their control. My own Tainted Love holds a herd, has had her soul stolen as punishment and now must make another pact with her enemies to restore her world to balance all while keeping peace with her king and lover HIS allies and protecting her followers


    Simply put CD is the growth and changing of a character through interactions with others directly and indirectly. If a your character belongs to a herd and that herd goes to war it affects your character and your character will react and change by this reaction. Thus they have developed. They are faced with a problem or challenge and must overcome it or be defeated by it. Whether or not YOU dictated this challenge is irrelevent, the challenge exists ( and to be frank in a community rp you will rarely be the one to present the most difficult challenges to over come ). Using WE as my example again lets say that the Dark King, Ingocnito, decides he is too good for the Helkaer brother hood and decrees that the Dark Alliance no longer bends knee to them or cooperates with them. You have a Dark, what do they do? How do they respond? Do they join the one herd against all Royals and stand by the Helkaers, do they abstain from King and Brotherhood? Do they join they King and support him? His decree has affected your character even if you never rp them together. Your character must make a decission and live by it. This decission will change them and they will grow for better or worse. Further, did this decree upset your plot? If so, can you work around it? Do you abandon it for a NEW plot? do you post pone it for now? This is your choice, as roleplayer and character owner. What do you do? You need to decide because your character has choices to make!

Think of your characters and developing them and community roleplays like this. 

You( the character ) are starting a new school year. You have 3 friends and are single. Your schedule shows you have 5 classes. Math, science, english, history and art.

Right now you hate Math and Science, love History and English and couldnt care less about art.

Now youre halfway through the year. You and friend A fight. Friend A cannot get past it and you lose friend A. Two days later you meet friends D and E. Now you have friends B, C, D, and E but you do miss friend A still sometimes.

Now theres a school dance. Your crush asks you to it. Oh wow! You no longer are single!

You have discovered you like Science this year and hate history.

Teachers decide to assign enormous projects all at once and it is your holiday break! This sucks, you had plans !oh well, what will you do? Nothing and enjoy holiday? Workk? Procrastinate?

Finally you pass the exams at the end of the year and summer is coming. You have 4 friends, you are not single, you passed all your classes (even dreaded math and history) and you are happy.

What happened this year? You met obstacles and you reacted to them. You grew, changed and developed. Your learened you loved you lost you met and welcomed others.

You had no control over homework assignments, projects or exama. You had to attend assemblies. You had no choice of subject matters in class. Does this mean Teachers are God Moding your life or are they using the power of their position to help you? True it might seem like they arent helpful but you are you g and you hate school.

Did your principle -force -you to make up exams? Did you have to turn in assignments? No. You could choose not to and fail. You could skip days and get in trouble. It was your choice.

Now... Do you see what this means? It means that in a community some characters will have power above yours. They will use that power. If it were abused it would be taken away ( i.e. a teacher fired ) so they do only what they can and sometimes must.

Do you have to make your character obey? Absolutely not! They can chose to disagree, fight back, leave or agree whatever fits them. Stay true to your character by reacting with how they should by their personality.

Just understand personalities change with experiences, age, changes, growth, etc. What do i mean?

Going back to WE as an example. I have this mare, Tainted Love. She's a dark bred from lights bred from dark. She has a nasty crazy history and she HATES men. Men are beneath her. This is how she was made. She became Dark Queen. Over time ( 2 years ) she went through so many things ( she was stolen, raped, had her child, faced her past, stolen again and again, fought for her king and herd, etc. ) she grew and changed. She is still at her core what i made her bu shes bow in love, has two sons willingly, one unwillingly a dead brother who forgives her for murdering him and protects her. She is no longer queen. She conquered her personal enemies. She traded her son to the light king as marriage to the light prince in a war to save her king and love before either admitted their love. She lost her memory in a nearly fatal accident during a storm. She found a new half love remembered herself fought back to her king and children, claimed a herd and bow has had her soul stolen and is sturggling to know herself. Shes confused. Is she light? Is she dark? Is she in love with Inco or someone else? Did she do rigtmht to trade her son for incos life? Constantly my plans changed in reaction to larger scale plots and community changes. She is still Tainted Love, but she grew and developed. She has seen war and personal combat both. 

Do you see what i mean? Here let me use a DA character example.

Nazam. Everyone knows Nazam. Hes narcissistic, vain, cruel, violent, possessive, manipulative, conniving, intelligent and above all loyal to his herd and god. What he does he does it thinking he does right for his herd. He has murdered his mother and brother, blackmailed his father into helping him, killed the oracle, doubts himself for killing the oracle, welcomed an enemy home with a weak treaty, tried to kill yet another relative is possessive of his children and has tried to do good by a few he met along the way in Oakfern. He isnt all bad he just doesnt k ow how to be gentle or kind. Already he has changed. Hes fighting it which is causing mental health issues, hes desperate to keep the herd going and simultaneously destroying it. He admits he needs help but cant bring himself to take it graciously. Hes still nazam but he has changed. He has grown. He has Developed. He changed when Nuala exploded with light in Oakfern. He changed when Olwen was born. He changed at Evanders birth. He changed when gaurd captains changed. Other peoples stories have affected Nazam and my plans have altered (trust me they have by a lot) but he is STILL nazam and he plows on because hes too stubborn to quit.

I guess i made this a tad bit long but.... Really if your character is the same now as when you made them and they have had more then 5 roleplays they arent developing and something isnt going right. EVERYONE changes by exposure. ITS NATURAL. IT HAPPENS.

esson turns to rant turns to.... I dunno what.

Cookies to whoever reads this.... If you want to discuss this (without fighting) please feel free to comment. Id be happy to talk and explain or hear your opinions.

Skin by SimplySilent


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In case you hadn't seen it yet - I actually managed to finish my half of our art trade. You can take a look at it here :)
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Hello! A while ago I said that I'd manip Tainted Love, and actually now I think I'm going to do a digital painting instead. Here is where I'm at right now, just so you know I haven't forgot about it (thought it was like five months ago XD).
manicmondays Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I did completely forget xD but ohmygosh that wip so far o3o that's going to be one fantastic painting <3
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